The Web3 Powerhouse building Infra & Platforms to bring Crypto to Billions of Users

In their daily lives in the most simplest ways, through $ROVI token at the heart of the ecosystem

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What are we building?

Infra + Platforms to on-board billions of Web2 users to Web3 in the most simplest ways


Literally “Pay” or “Text” or “Play” into Web3. In Under 1 minute. We make it that simple!

Keyboard91 - Just “Text” into Crypto. Literally!

Keyboard91 - Earn Tokens on Messaging

World's Fastest, Simplest On-boarding to Crypto

for a mass-market user. No Frills. Just text and earn Rewards using your favorite Messaging app!

Get in-app Rewards & $ROVI tokens for time spent

Consume OR Burn Rewards to get $ROVI Crypto based on user spending across ecosystem.

Smart AI Keyboard app. Super engaging and fun

Plugs into and works with any Messenger of the world. Making Crypto barrier to entry ZERO!

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M91 - Crypto Payments Super App

M91 Super App - Consume Tokens on Utilities

World's Fastest, Simplest P2P Crypto Payments

for a mass-market user. No Frills. Pay any phone contact in any token!

Mini-Apps built for daily utilities on top of Payments

Think “WeChat Mini-Apps” but for Crypto. Trade, Invest, Shop, Pay Bills, Book Tickets etc. Built by developers using APIs!

Consume or Burn Rewards/Tokens across ecosystem

Use Rewards/Tokens across Mini-Apps. Sustainable economics driven by revenue, and established business models!

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Gaming91 - Crypto Skill Gaming

Gaming91 - Consume Tokens on Skill Gaming

World's Simplest Crypto based Skill Gaming

for a mass-market user. No Frills. Predict Market/Events. Join Tournaments.

Prediction Market Gaming. 20+ Skill Games Tournas

Prediction markets run by smart contracts. Skill games built by developers with plug-n-play infrastructure!

Pay & Play across using $ROVI token

With sustainable and beautiful game economics!

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Gaming91 - Crypto Skill Gaming

Critical Infrastructure to onboard Billions on Web3

Social Login Crypto Wallet

  • Multi Party Computation
  • Non-Custodial
  • Keyless. Secret Phrase less!

Gasless Transactions

  • Transaction Relay Mechanism
  • 0 friction for on-chain activity

1-click On/Off Ramp

  • Seamless Bank Integrations
  • Seamless Exchange Integrations
  • Full KYC Compliant
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Spend on Daily Life Utilities. Built by Developers.

Trade on M91 Super App

Trade on M91 Super App

A super simple interface to buy and sell $ROVI token and other most popular digital assets in under a min! 0% on-ramp Fees. Best exchange prices. Instant withdrawals. Tokens cashback on every Trade!

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Invest on M91 Super App

Invest on M91 Super App

Invest in daily life utilities OR simple fixed return crypto investment products. Earn Daily Perpetual Income. Zero volatility. Withdraw Anytime!

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Solid Roadmap over a strong foundation

Q3-Q4 2022
Q1-Q2 2022
  • Prediction Markets Gaming - Completed
  • Staking $ROVI and earn perpetual rewards monthly - Completed
  • Developer Portal v3 to review earnings, transactions etc. - In progress
  • 1st IEO - In progress
  • 1st IDO - In progress
  • User Wallets on Blockchain - In progress
  • Smart Contracts in Production, Token launch in Main-net - In progress
  • Integration with CEXs - In progress
  • CEX Listing on 2 exchanges - In progress
Q4-2022 | Q1-2023
  • $ROVI Token in Testing - In progress
  • Smart Contracts for vesting, staking, rewards - Completed
  • 1-click DeFi Trading Module Launch - Completed
  • Developer Portal v2 - Completed
  • 1-click DeFi Investing - Launched
  • $ROVI Token in Testing - Completed
  • 1st Private Sale - Completed
  • Smart Contracts Development - Completed
  • New UI/UX Development - Completed
  • Ad Manager, Ecommerce Utility - Development Complete
  • Keyboard for Messaging - Launched
  • Ad Manager Module - Launched
  • Bills, Play-to-Earn, Pay-to-Earn Gaming Utilities - Launched
  • Videos, News, Stickers, Social TV Utilities - Launched
  • Social Shopping Utility - Launched
  • Developer Portal v1 with Core APIs and module submission - Completed
  • M91 Messenger - Launched
  • Daily Lottery Utility - Launched
  • Foundation Platform - Development Complete to support Lego-style Building Blocks

Taking Crypto to the masses in the most easy-to-use manner


Create and Share immense economic value and employment opportunities by empowering billions of users, 100s of millions of businesses and millions of developers using Blockchain.


Nitin Raj Gupta



To build the World's Largest Web3 Distribution platform and democratize use of Crypto among masses in their daily lives.


Anshul Verma




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